Interested in owning a rabbit? Please read the information and visit the links below to learn more about their dietary needs, healthcare, and housing requirements.

This information is a combination of recommendations from House Rabbit Society and our personal experience. Please contact us with questions!

While most people don’t think of a rabbit as a house pet, we’re here to show you that they are! Here are some similarities between a house rabbit and your dog or cat:

  • Rabbits can live indoors (and should!)

    Harsh weather (heat or cold) and predators make the outdoors a scary place for a rabbit.

  • Rabbits can be litter trained

    Relatively easily, too.

  • Rabbits are intelligent

    Yeah yeah, we all know dogs can do tricks. So can bunnies! They have excellent memories, can solve puzzle feeders, and can even complete agility courses. (Rabbit agility is actually a thing…google it. It’s amazing.)

  • Rabbits love to play

    Whether it is chewing, digging, or tossing a toy, they love to have fun!

Now, here are some things that you may not know, but need to be taken into consideration before adopting a bun:

  • Rabbits need to spayed or neutered

    It is necessary to avoid health complications and will extend their lives significantly. Not only that, it will help to curb some unwanted behaviors.

  • Rabbits need constant stimulation

    The phrase goes, “A bored bunny is a naughty bunny.” Since rabbits are so intelligent, they need toys, exercise, and lots of space to help keep them out of trouble.

  • Rabbits are not cuddly

    For the most part, rabbits do not like to be picked up or held, and they will fight back with sharp claws and teeth. They prefer to be pet and played with on their terms, not yours.

  • Veterinary care is expensive

    In the veterinary world, rabbits are considered “exotics.” Therefore, their treatment will cost much more than your dog or cat’s (and will need check-ups just like they do, too!)